New coordinator for CSW

Greg Hensman has taken over the running of the Community Speed Watch scheme. Greg will be a dedicated point of contact for all Community Speed Watch and Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign matters.

The best method of communication is through the specific CSW email inbox or via the team phone number 0116 3057233. There are sufficient schemes booked for the remainder of 2016. Bookings are being taken for 2017.

Community Speed Watch Update

Interim staff arrangements have been put in place to keep a temporarily reduced programme running. It is planned that dedicated staff resource will be allocated to Community Speed Watch in the near future. A further update regards scheme contacts will be provided in the middle of August.

Team Change

I would like to inform all speed watch volunteers that as of the 27th May 2016 I will no longer be working for Leicestershire County Council and the Speedwatch team. I am moving on to pastures new but wish to express my gratitude to all of the schemes coordinators and volunteers that I have had contact with over the last couple of years.

I believe that you have been and continue to be a great example of how individuals can come together to the betterment of the wider community and that every time that you volunteer for a CSW scheme you help to improve road safety for everyone, I hope that you continue to make a difference!

Best regards for the future
Chris Bilby

CSW 2016 is now underway!

Hi and welcome to the 2016 Community Speed Watch season.

The first scheme started on the 4th April 2016 and bookings for schemes so far for this year already amount to 12 return schemes and 8 brand new schemes, a fantastic start to the year!

Along with this great news is the less happy news that we are losing Mike Wilson from the CSW team as he has decided it is time to hang up his gun (radar) and enjoy a well earned retirement. Mike was taken on by Leicestershire County Council nearly 10 years ago to start a CSW engagement scheme in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland and he has beavered away at that task to successfully build up what is seen by all as a beneficial community led tool in the fight against speeding.

I’m sure that all of those that know him will join me in saying he will be sadly missed and wish him well in his retirement.

In this time of cuts and austerity the future for our CSW schemes was a concern but the support from the Local Authority, the Police and the Road Safety Partnership is still strong and therefore CSW is secure for the immediate future.

We still have plenty of CSW slots available for 2016 and therefore I would be pleased to hear from anyone that either wants to run a return scheme or start up a scheme for the first time.


Chris Bilby; CSW coordinator

CSW update on 2015 activities

Hello to all CSW volunteers;

Well I’ve been with the team for over a year now and have completed my first full season of CSW schemes and I wanted to say what a pleasure its been to meet so many enthusiastic and dedicated people.

It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, to see the dedication of community minded volunteers around the county has reinforced my view that schemes that engage with the public are a very worthwhile cause.

Albeit that there have been some frustrating times for the volunteers, normally centred around the question of; ‘what happens now?’ everyone seems to have recognised the effect that CSW has had over the period that it was operating. Between the signage, the overt and varied appearance of the volunteers on the street and the letters to offenders from the police all schemes have had the effect of reducing speed in the target areas.

The benefit of return schemes (24 this year) has been very apparent in some villages where the regular return of volunteers over a period of several years has had the effect of building a level of consistent evidence of speed issues and increased traffic flow. This in turn has helped parish councillors to make a case to highways for reviews of road signage and layouts and for the police to increase the level of enforcement in the areas when CSW schemes have ended.

Some schemes have led to discussions between adjacent villages/parishes to form partnerships regarding road infrastructure issues and in some cases a co-operative approach to the introduction and use of Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS).

Alongside the returns we welcomed 9 new schemes in 2015! These schemes benefited from the Covert data that we gathered prior to and after the scheme which in turn starts the build up of accurate data on the speeding issues in the area.

This year saw a few written complaints from ‘offenders’ who felt that they had been unjustly singled out but after investigating the complaints there was no evidence other than that volunteers had operated in the manner they were authorised to. We also had a few incidents where drivers felt the need to have ‘discussions’ with volunteers but again it was very pleasing that most were adequately dealt with by the volunteers who professionally stated the reasons that they were there and declined to ‘rise’ to any of the comments made to them.

Can I please encourage you all to consider continuing with your CSW endeavour’s in 2016 and if you do then get in touch as soon as you can to indicate when you may wish to run a scheme.

Finally on behalf of Mike and myself I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and I look forward to getting in touch next year.

Chris Bilby

15 December 2015

Rutland Police Volunteers 2015 update

2015 saw the Rutland police Volunteers operate within a number of areas within the county of Rutland, these included;

  • Greetham
  • Uppingham
  • Cottesmore,
  • Whitwell
  • South Luffenham
  • Ketton
  • Braunstone

From the CSW team; Mike and myself I would like to thank Martin and his team for all of their efforts, wish everyone a happy Christmas and new year.

I look forward to seeing you in 2016

Chris Bilby

15 December 2015

Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs – Parish Data

For those of you that send in Parish MVAS data you will have seen a notable absence of new data being uploaded, unfortunately there has been some technical difficulties of late in updating the MVAS parish data.

Albeit that we are trying to resolve these issues we are now also having to review the principles and methodolgy of holding the data on the website. as and when we have further information I will make it available via this forum.

Chris Bilby

30 January 2015

Welcome to the Community Speed Watch site

This website has been developed to allow those taking part in the schemes as well as the wider community to see more details of the schemes in place including the number of offenders recorded whilst the scheme was in operation.

We hope you find the information useful – please get in touch if you have any suggestions or are interested in running a scheme in your area.