Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs

The Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) scheme is an option for areas or parishes within Leicestershire that wish to have an ongoing method of addressing excessive speed in their community.

The MVAS units are usually battery operated and display either the speed at which the approaching vehicle is travelling or give a reminder of the speed limit.  Subject to the agreement of the County Council, MVAS units can be mounted to existing metal lamp posts (not concrete or telegraph posts).  If no suitable metal lamp posts are available it can be possible for Leicestershire County Council to install new posts at agreed locations.

MVAS works best when the unit can be moved between a few locations. A good option is one MVAS unit to four locations. This has the advantage of drivers not becoming over familiar with the units location. Extra mounting brackets can be left in place to make the process of moving the MVAS between locations as easy as possible.

The MVAS units cost approximately £3,000 and the purchase of the unit is made direct with the supplier. There are also lamp post safety inspection costs and any new posts (if required) cost approximately £250 each.

MVAS units are available from a number of suppliers. Westcotec is a UK company that has been used by many parishes to supply MVAS units. Information on their products can be found at

Setting up a MVAS Scheme

If your community is interested in buying an MVAS, please get in touch via our Customer Service Centre to register your interest and an officer will make contact:


Phone: 0116 305 0001 (Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5pm)

The following steps will be discussed:

  • Arranging a site meeting to discuss suitable locations
  • Agreeing a map showing the proposed sites
  • Discussing the preferred supplier and MVAS specification
  • Arranging to have lamp posts inspected
  • Signing and returning a Memorandum of Understanding (click here to download a copy of the MoU)