Mobile activated signs

The Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign scheme is an option for areas or Parishes within Leicestershire that wish to be proactive in addressing an issue of excessive speed within their area.

It consists of a Mobile battery operated sign that either displays the speed at which the approaching vehicle is travelling at or a reminder of the speed limit that they are in.  They are generally used on metal lamp posts (not concrete or telegraph posts) that are already in place.  If no metal lamp posts are available we will consult with the community over putting suitable posts in at their expense.

The costs of the units are between £2,600 to £3,000.


We can now only identify one UK based authorised supplier; Westcotec.

The other supplier of the alternative product; Radlux has now closed its UK operation and although the devices are still available it would have to be through their German base. As we have no knowledge of this company or their supply chain, we do not feel that we can continue to name them as an authorised supplier.

Setting up a MVAS Scheme

If you are interested in starting a scheme in your area, please get in touch to register your interest. Once we have received your information, you will then need to:

  • Sign and return the required Memorandum of Understanding (click here to download)
  • Have a site meeting to discuss the suitable locations available
  • Agree that the map showing the sites, produced as a result of the site meeting, is correct
  • We will then arrange to have the lamp posts inspected and update the group after this has been done
  • Purchase the preferred unit and use
MVAS launch at Woodhouse in December 2010

The launch of Leicestershire’s first MVAS at Woodhouse in December 2010